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Litecoin + Dogecoin mining pool

  • Min payout
  • 24H profitability PPS+
  • Payout scheme
  • Payout time
    05:00 - 13:00 (MSK)
  • Network Hashrate
  • Algorithm
  • Network difficulty
  • Difficulty change date
Bitcoin Stratum :
  • stratum+tcp://btc.trustpool.ru:3333
  • stratum+tcp://btc.trustpool.ru:25
  • stratum+tcp://btc.trustpool.ru:443
Hashrate with NiceHash and MMR is not accepted

0 days hash rate graph


Why do miners choose Litecoin + Dogecoin?

Litecoin (LTC) is a cryptocurrency that was created in 2011 to speed up transactions and reduce fees compared to BTC. Litecoin is the second fork of Bitcoin after Namecoin. It uses blockchain, but has a faster block generation process. In 2023, Litecoin halving is expected. The reward for a block will decrease from 12.5 LTC to 6.25 LTC. Dogecoin (DOGE) is one of the first altcoins, created as a payment system with instant transactions and based on the Litecoin blockchain architecture. Dogecoin is mined together with Litecoin, which gives you an undeniable advantage in profit.

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Mining consists of confirming transactions in the blockchain network and adding them to the general ledger. This process involves solving complex mathematical problems with the help of special equipment (video cards, ASIC miners, processors), which checks transactions and records them in the blockchain. The user is rewarded for each correct solution. Blockchain is a distributed database that stores information about all operations performed in the system. It consists of blocks, each of which contains information about the previous block (hash). Each block contains: Previous block hash; Transaction hash; A random number. Users who find new blocks receive a certain amount of cryptocurrency. The more powerful the equipment, the higher the probability of finding a block and getting a reward. The purpose of mining is to find a new cryptocurrency block through complex calculations. Mining involves several tasks, i.e. checking transactions in the blockchain network, creating new blocks and issuing coins.


More than
110 000 users


The lowest fee on
the market (1%)


10 minutes from the moment of registration suffice to start mining


Round-the-clock multilingual technical support

Trustpool Mining Pool

We make mining simple, convenient and profitable.

Trustpool Mining Pool crypto mining


More than 110 000 users are already mining with us, and that's what they say


Review date 10.03.2023


I have been mining dogecoin and litecoin for about a year. Before that, I worked with another pool, but there payouts were kind of shady, and I left. A friend told me about the TrustPool mining pool. It took me less than an hour to get connected to the service. The pool is good, they don't mess up with payouts, everything is clear and on time. Recommended.


Review date 20.02.2021


I used to mine BTC, then switched to the LTC and spent a lot of time choosing a pool to work with. Then I got connected to TrustPool. Here, everything is fine, the guys really help each miner with setup and other issues.


Review date 14.04.2022


Mining with TrustPool is convenient, no unexpected fees, everything is transparent. All the coins that I need can be mined here, and support responds quickly. I am satisfied with the payouts.


Review date 19.02.2023


I like the TrustPool apps and wallet, I've been using them for several months. They have everything one needs for mining. Exchange, firmwares and service—all excellent.