DASH mining pool

  • Min payout
  • 24H profitability PPS+
  • Payout scheme
  • Payout time
    05:00 - 13:00 (MSK)
  • Network Hashrate
  • Algorithm
  • Network difficulty
  • Difficulty change date
BTC Stratum :
  • stratum+tcp://btc.trustpool.ru:3333
  • stratum+tcp://btc.trustpool.ru:25
  • stratum+tcp://btc.trustpool.ru:443

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Why do miners choose DASH?

The DASH coin has been around since 2014. It was designed to speed up transaction processing compared to BTC. DASH also uses blockchain, but has additional functions (InstantSend, PrivateSend)

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Where to store cryptocurrency

Earnings depend on: Hashrate. This is the speed at which the equipment solves mathematical problems to confirm transactions in the blockchain. The higher the hashrate, the greater the chances of receiving a reward for a new block found. Difficulty. A parameter that determines the difficulty of solving a mathematical problem in order to find a new block. If the difficulty increases, the probability of receiving a reward decreases. Cryptocurrency exchange rate. The price of virtual currency is volatile, and changes in the value of assets affect profits. Transaction fee. Often users have to pay an additional fee so that their transactions are processed faster or prioritized for sampling from the pool in order to create a new block. Electricity and equipment maintenance. Crypto mining requires constant power supply, which is among the miners' basic costs. Regular equipment monitoring and maintenance and noise insulation are necessary as well. Mining method. You can mine coins solo or connect to pools. Users mostly choose the second method, which gives them more chances of receiving a reward for a new block found. Crypto type. Each coin has its own mining algorithm, which influences the choice of the mining device. For example, to work with Bitcoin, which supports the SHA-256, you should choose devices that use this algorithm. Recently users have been choosing ASIC equipment more often because of its high hashrate, which allows it to solve problems faster and increases the efficiency. To get profit from the crypto, you need to monitor changes in market conditions and determine the optimal mining method with regard to all factors.


More than
60,000 users


The lowest fee on
the market (1%)


30 minutes from the moment of registration suffice to start mining


Round-the-clock multilingual technical support

Trustpool Mining Pool

We make mining simple, convenient and profitable.

Trustpool Mining Pool crypto mining


More than 60,000 users are already mining with us, and that's what they say


Review date 10.02.2023


TrustPool drew my attention when I saw the fee. I have been working with them for about a month, no screw-ups so far. Only positive experience. Most important, payouts are made on time and the hashrate is normal compared to other pools)


Review date 28.06.2022


I like everything about the pool, there are no complaints. Nice service and useful coins, technical support at its best. Thanks!


Review date 20.01.2022


I've been mining Dash on the pool for some time. I liked their approach immediately. Everything is simple, without a whole bunch of programs and installations. The tech support guys helped set everything up quickly. I monitor the equipment remotely through the application, and everything works fine.


Review date 10.06.2023


I started mining three years ago. I tested different pools and decided to try mining on Trust pool. I liked it, everything is convenient and the payments come in a timely manner. If there are any questions about mining, the tech support is quick to answer them. I like the pool and recommend it.