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Bitcoin mining pool

  • Min payout
  • 24H profitability PPS+
  • Payout scheme
  • Payout time
    05:00 - 13:00 (MSK)
  • Network Hashrate
  • Algorithm
  • Network difficulty
  • Difficulty change date
Bitcoin Stratum :
  • stratum+tcp://btc.trustpool.ru:3333
  • stratum+tcp://btc.trustpool.ru:25
  • stratum+tcp://btc.trustpool.ru:443
Hashrate with NiceHash and MMR is not accepted

0 days hash rate graph


Why do miners choose Bitcoin?

Bitcoin (BTC) is the first cryptocurrency ever. It has been around since 2009 and implements blockchain to protect transactions and manage a decentralized network. Bitcoin is the most popular investment coin among miners. In 2023, miners can receive 6.25 BTC for a BTC block found.

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How to start mining in 2023



Types of equipment

Mining is a complex technical process. Today you can engage in mining either jointly or independently. Mining requires use of special equipment (ASIC miners, processors and graphics cards). Before start, you need to choose which coins to mine. Today the most popular ones are Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE) and Dash. However, these are not equally profitable. Some may require more powerful hardware or more energy. Specialized equipment, such as ASIC miners or graphics cards, will be needed. Each type of equipment has its advantages and disadvantages. They also differ in power, speed and energy efficiency. You will also need a crypto wallet to store and manage coins that you got as a reward. A miner who finds a new block receives a reward in cryptocurrency, which needs to be preserved somewhere. Through the crypto wallet, you may safely store and manage coins and make transactions.


More than
110 000 users


The lowest fee on
the market (1%)


10 minutes from the moment of registration suffice to start mining


Round-the-clock multilingual technical support

Trustpool Mining Pool

We make mining simple, convenient and profitable.

Trustpool Mining Pool crypto mining


More than 110 000 users are already mining with us, and that's what they say


Review date 12.03.2021


I've been working with the pool for about a year. I had experience with other pools where I couldn't reach support or it was unclear how the fee was calculated. My profit began to shrink. A friend advised TrustPool to me. It turned out that he also received bonuses for inviting me) Everything suits me, payouts, support and service are top-class, the fee is only 1%, there are all popular coins and even firmwares. In short, everything for a normal work in one place.


Review date 25.04.2020


I'm new to mining. Still green, so to say. At first I downloaded the app and didn't understand what to do and where to click. I turned to the pool support, and the admins patiently and politely explained everything to me and helped me set up an asic. They even told me what a hashrate is and where to track payouts. In short, thanks to TrustPool, I quickly got used to mining and understood what was what. Now I work without problems. Thanks!


Review date 13.05.2022


I am not new to cryptocurrencies. I used to trade on exchanges and got a vision of how it all works. I decided to try another tack and earn from mining. So I ordered two asics and began to choose a pool. The choice was made when I saw a blog review of TrustPool. I planned to mine BTC. The connection went quickly, technical support helped. I registered myself and connected both devices in one evening. The reward comes just in time, the income is distributed under PPS+, and the hashrate is pretty good. I am satisfied.


Review date 05.12.2022


I didn't think a Russian mining pool could work so well, especially with its FPPS payout scheme which maximizes my mining earnings. Technical support helped me quickly set up my mining ASICs, ensuring both optimal performance and privacy for my operations. I didn't even feel the language barrier. I am happy with the income and everything is working properly, thanks to their commitment to privacy and efficient mining practices. I can highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable mining pool that values privacy and offers competitive payouts through FPPS.